Ok Members of the greatest Browns Backers Club,We are going to meet at Slatts on Monday night for the Ravens game. There is a 10PM Curfew so we will watch the game until then. That is the first half. I miss seeing you all and I miss messing with the staff. I miss us cheering and I even Miss the Paulisms

Clint has made some special menu accommodations for us.With that said we will meet there Monday night.

The menu to order will be:

$10 Double Cheeseburger with fries

$7 Buffalo Nachos

$7 Wings(6)

$7 chicken tenders

$2 Miller lites with the cups ( i will bring some if you forgot them),

Please let Clint and the rest of the staff know you will be there. LETS TURN UP FOR THIS PLEASE .Answer the email and let Clint Wooldridge,Christina Clevenger.

Also the NFL just Flexed the game for the GIants to an 8:20pm Kick off so we WILL be meeting the following sunday as well That is 2 weeks in a row….. i am all giddy now.WE ARE 9-3 who had 9-3 on their 2020 Bingo card. who had 2 games out from the Steelers with 4 games left?This has been an amazing year. I hope you all are safe and I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and each other.GO BROWNS…..

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