OK my fellow Browns Backer, I have finalized and got everything set up so here is the plan of action..At 7 PM we are opening the Keg. It will be like the years past where the waitress will come around and get the drink for you. THis saves on Spillage and stand around time. All of which eliminatesd time and Cost. At 7:30 I will make our announcements. In these announcements I will give updates on the season, the plan of actions with COVID. I will also announce who our 2020 McGregor award winner is. There will also be a special thank you gift to Seth Oakley and the Short Vine Browns Backers for the generosity they showed us Last yearAfter that I will open the buffet for the food. YOU MUST WEAR A MASK WHEN GETTING FOOD. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION, I DON’T CARE WHAT BELIEFS WE HAVE. THIS IS TO PROTECT SLATTS, CLINT, AND THE BUSINESS. Slatts is our HOME and we need to keep them, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RESPECT the RULES and ABIDE BY THEm thank you all for that.The Menu will Consist of Chicken Tenders and Chicken Bites. Meatballs, Chips and dip and Pretzel Bites and Cheese. Anything else is available off the Menu at Slatts Prices. I wanted Wings but there is a MASS shortage on Wings, Crazy as that sounds. Suppliers con not get them out fast enough.After that starts the draft. we pick 26th… Cincinnati will mess theirs up at #5 We don’t care about Baltimore, And we look forward to RUINING whomever the PEE and rotten teeth colored team picks.


I am overly excited for this Draft Party I have missed you all terribly. Remember, you can sign up as a member early Come in or sign up on eventbrite, The event Brite GUARENTEES you a seat. as of tonight we have 41 signed up out of 90 ( with a 20 person buffer) so chances are EXCELLENT you will get in both ways Here is the sign up again


HOWEVER, and I WILL SAY HOWEVER, YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO GET THE FREE BEER AND THE FOOD. Signing up on event brite does not get you the perk. Again, this is because of COVID rules and NOTHING slatts and the club wants to do. I can NOT wait to see you all I love you all I miss you all and I can not wait to see you allGO BROWNS WE BARK TOGETHERBRIAN

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  1. Got a group of about 10 making the trip from Cleveland down to Cincy for the game in November. Are there any Browns Backers organizations throwing a tailgate party somewhere? Go Browns!

    1. yes we are doing one go to Greater Cincinnati Browns Backers facebook page and join it. we will update you

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