The Greater Cincinnati Browns backers has a second home……We have ourselves a second home now and that place is called Copper and flame.

This was done with 2 reasons. First being that 2 years ago we came out and had 323 members after a 7-8-1 record and had hype The first 3 weeks we had Slatts packed and people couldn’t get in. This year coming off a 11-5 record I can not see why we cant have a membership of 400 or better. Slatts is our forever home and will continue to be unless otherwise. Clint and The staff have been amazing to us members. Slatts capacity it 231. With Copper and flames capacity at 186, that puts us at the 400 mark. Secondly, I have members who pay their dues every year who live in South Kentucky areas and only come to Slatts maybe once or twice a year. This now gives you an option into coming a little closer and cheering on our AFC champion Superbowl Cleveland Browns this year with our fellow Browns backers.

Copper and flame is a unique bar in that not only are the owners HUGE BROWNS FANS but it is a pour your own tap self serving concept. That is when you walk in you will put your payment on file and receive a key card that is being made up with our 75th anniversary logo on there. You can pour your own beer BY THE OUNCE. There will be a Keg of our own signatured LOGO beer every week that the owners are getting for us. There will be a Keg of the normal beer ( miller lite or bud light) and others.

This place has 2 floors and a kitchen. on the first floor is the Beer room and Kitchen. They have 52 beers and seltzers on taps always. The GREAT thing about POUR YOUR OWN is that you can SAMPLE different kinds of beers and see if you like something you never tried before ( they got a Pineapple upside down cake flavored beer OMG i been thinking about that beer all week). the 2nd floor has a wine room on one side that has pour your own wine. and on the back side is a cocktail bar with mixed drinks. The owners are working on a signature brown and orange drink just for us.Lets all come out on week one and PACK BOTH BARS and show these 2 places and the fans of the Queen city Kitties what real fans are

.Welcome aboard Brandon, Kathy and Copper and FlameI will be releasing more on the year coming up so please bear with me. I have a lot planned for this year.

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