· What a great time to be alive during this run…. and a crazy time also. I am beyond happy with the direction of this team and where our future looks like. WE ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS to put into perspective how long ago that was, my daughter is 19. she was 1 when we went last. she now has a 4 month old child. Some one wrote on one group they are 65 they were 47 last time they went.. I am 47 now. this is a LONNNNNGGGGG time coming.

WIth the outbreak and the Coach and Bitonio out, i still hold drive and hope that we will win Sunday.. I firmly believe it, but if we do not this season is NOT a loss. We have a 1st year coach that got 0 OTA, 0 MINIcamps, barley any training camp, 0 preseason games, and closed facilities to take this team to 11-5 and to the playoffs. IF he does not win Coach of the year the system is flawed more that it already is. We can still WIN. the system is there. run another MAZARATI play and end the sqeelers again


GO BROWNS so, we WILL be at SLATTS this sunday night. yes we are still under curfew but still. COME OUT. when was the last time we were in the playoffs…we met at WIllies in Covington. That’s a long time away.

$10 double cheeseburgers with fries, $7 buffalo nachos, $7 wings (6), $7 chicken tenders $2 Miller Lites with the cupsAlso,

Seth Oakley and the group from the Short Vine Browns Backers will be there so lets welcome the groups.

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