Preseason lineup

Ok Everyone. I know the game is on the NFL network. However,we all should come out and BARK TOGETHER:Here is the breakdown for the Preseason Weeks:

Week 1: Browns @ Jags

Slatts will be showing the game. It is a Saturday night game on a Preseason, So be respectful in knowing there will be a dinner crowd there also. Get there to get your seats. AS far as I know there will not be any specials till the season starts. I will be here for the first half.

Copper and Flame will also be showing the game at the second viewing location. They will also be experiencing their busy night so also be mindful of that. Great way to come and check it out. I will be there for the rest of the game.

Week 2: Browns VS. Giants

Slatts will be closed on Sunday mornings till the season starts. They will be up and ready for us to get crazy. So the second Game wont be there.

Copper and Flame WILL be open and would LOVE to have everyone. This is the BEST open House to check out the new second location, Meet the Owners and to see what the pour your own method is like. They will be working on getting things ready for us.I will be at the game in Cleveland, so I am hoping Amanda Craig, Tony Difford,Adam Dedrick or Tom Dedrick or Matt Melanie Rains Booher Will be there also.

Week 3: Browns @ Falcons

Slatts: I am unsure what time Slatts will close for US. They are scheduled to close at 9 PM. That is an hour into the game. He may stay open till halftime or he may close at 9. This is a chance game if you want to go there. I’m not going to ask him or his staff to stay late for us for a meaningless( as far as starters and etc. NOT because its the Browns ). So if you go its up to you.

Copper and Flame will also be open, They will stay open till the game is over, but the Kitchen will close on time, I will be there

Go Browns!!!!


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