Ok all. First and foremost I hope all my members and all our friends, families, and loved ones are safe, healthy and in good spirits. Looks like there is an end in sight. I am happy I get to represent you all. It is an honor and a blessing to have you all in my life and to call you all fellow Browns fans.
So with the Covid outbreak, last year was VERY challenging. We didn’t get to have a club and that hurt a lot. However, there was a few silver linings that came to be in all this.
I want to thank Jason Dunbar and his wife at Greenies for hosting and the hospitality the crew showed my members there. It will not be forgotten.I also want to thank Seth Oakley and his crew at Short Vine Browns Backers. They opened their doors along with Kelly the owner of Mios on short vine and went above and beyond. Seth and a few of his crew even came to Slatts. Your graciousness to us can not be thanked enough.
Now on to GCBB news. 😀

I apologize for the lateness in this as I had a LOT to do and not knowing until like the last month how things were going to be, Even the NFL didn’t finalize Draft plans till this past week. so I am NOT that far behind. :DI closed out our past bank account and established a new account. Everything else is the same, it just allows Melissa Clifton and Amanda Craigto have access. It also allows more transparency. and accountablilty, plus if something was to happen to me, the club and all assets move on in the future 😀

Also, the new account allows for the members to ZELLE over the dues instead of mailing in a check or waiting till the draft/ first game to get their forms and the money in. Now all you have to do is print the form, fill it out and scan it and email it to me. INSTANT SIGN UPS. Technology, man I tell you what LOL. I also will have the credit card reader on my phone to sign you up or checks still.With that said, This year because of COVID and restrictions that I hope are lifted by September, We are are only going to charge pre draft prices for the year this year. So the dues will also NOT go up at all. Also, for our senior citizens who are on a fixed income we have established the longevity price. for $15 dollars a person not your family. YOU and only YOU, you can have the longevity price. This is not to be added unto a family price either. You will have to fill out your own form. Glitter Bob Craig of course gets free because he is over 100 years old. 😀

So in order to Zelle it into the account you will need your bank app on your phone or computer. then you add the recipient:GCBBPREZ@HOTMAIL.COM what this will do is send me an email, and a text alert that you sent the dues to pay your fees. Then I will alert you are paid and good.Again, Technology.There will be a Draft party. let me say again THERE WILL BE A DRAFT PARTY.. YAY!!!!However, as of right now because of COVID, Clint Wooldridge has told me he can only get about 100-110 people into Slatts. I am hoping my Apr. 29th we can get a lot more into the bar. This will be a first come first serve basis, PAYING YOUR DUES DOES NOT GET YOU A SEAT. However, I will open an event Brite ticket registar where you can sign up to get into the bar. I will cancel the eventbrite if restrictions get lifted more.So here is this years membership form.

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