Hello all, After the wonderful BYE week We are back in our home stretch for the playoffs this year. We have a VERY favorable schedule coming up. We should beat Texans, Eagles, Jags, THe TENN game became VERY important with the colts win, Jets, Giants, and hopefully PItts or baltimore wins. I can not see why 10-6 or 11-5 is not possible. especially with the extended teams.

With that said, The game is on national TV and with COVID spikes Flaring up I would HIGHLY suggest that if you are vulnerable or if you have family that is vulnerable STAY HOME…. PLEASE.. YOUR SAFETY AND HEALTH IS SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN THESE GAMES.HOWEVER, if you can make it out. I will be at Mios for at least a half then I have to go to a fundraiser for a friend who is battling Cancer ( same cancer who took his son 6 years ago).

I do know Jason Dunbar and Monica Dunbar Do an amazing job over at Greenies and I have heard positive things about them. I was there week 1 and I WILL BE THERE NEXT WEEK The Oak is available, So is Holy Grail and other places that have outside eating. I will not be putting up a poll seeing where you all go. With current trends and DeWine threatening the closure of bars and restaurants again who knows what will happen here, there or anywhere.Just know that if Bars and restaurants stay open, Then we WILL MEET AT Slatts anytime they flex out schedule to a 4pm or 8 pm game. Also dec. 14th is a Monday night game so we WILL be at SLATTS that night.

GO BRowns


Hello all my favorite Browns backers, With this being Browns/ Ben-gals week it just doesn’t have the fire of years past


That being said, We are NOT meeting at Slatts and going to various places.Again, I will be at Mios’ on short vine. Here is what we going to do at Mio’sHey Everyone,The 2nd Battle of Ohio is upon us! Come cheer on the Browns as they take on the Bengals. We’re planning on watching game at game at Mio’s Pizza on Short Vine near UC’s. If you sign up/reserve a FREE ticket, you will have a GUARANTEED seat in the outdoor back porch/tailgate experience. No need to arrive early to grab a table…one will be waiting for you, but only if you sign up at the link below.https://www.eventbrite.com/e/126125947103

As a bonus, both Great Lakes Brewing and Samuel Adams are teaming up and if you buy a Joe Thomas Kolsch or a Sam Adams beer, you get a raffle ticket for some awesome prizes. The more beer you buy, the more tickets you get! Check out the prizes below!

ALSO< I will be throwing in a few Browns items from the stock pile to add to the raffle.Also, as always, Jason Dunbar and his crew do an AMAZING job for us at Greenie’s in Milford.. Jason Dunbar If I have not thanked you yet THANK YOU FOR TAKING CARE OF MY MEMBERS I GREATLY APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!!!

THe oak is also another place and of course If you care to brave the elements, THE HOLY GRAIL on the BANKS is also an option.We hope to celebrate with you on Sunday…GO BROWNS!!!!

If you are going to Mios’ GET ON THE EVENT BRITE and reserve your spot these are going fast this week


Steelers week


Well hello my fellow Browns members, What a weird and strange time we are living in with this Virus. Just when I think we have the answers; they go and change the questions. Last week, I can only assume with the Covid cases in NE they switched stuff and put the Browns on National TV at 4:25. This allowed us to go to our home bar and see the game. I want to thank the members who came out and celebrated the Browns Win and to celebrate Jerry R. Baker and Rose Jones Baker being presented the McGregor award. You could tell everyone missed us as even Christina Clevenger was being nice.


Well this week they threw another curve ball to us. THis week they are showing Cincinnati vs. Indy on FOX (???) and Cincinnati picked up the Cleveland vs. theteamthatcantbenamed


. SO NOW this game is on National TV. I went up to Slatts and Clint and I agree that unless the game is on National TV and after 4PM that he can not open. so we won’t be there this week. Again, Seth Oakley, Kelly, and the staff has graciously offered to host us again, ONCE again I NEED you all to respond to the post and POLL and mark what you will be doing. This gives US the ability to open the tent and to prepare the staff for the onslaught of us Drunkards


. ALSO< Martin’s Next door is a Steelers bar. It would be great to have an old time short vine turf war


lets show then what REAL FANS LOOK LIKEAgain this week you have a choice, Jason Dunbar and the wonderful staff at Greenies has been kind and homing us also. They have great wings and I believe beer specials. The Oak in Oakley is also an option, This place does get packed so its a beware


This week I will be at Mios. I have talked to Kelly the Owner and she loves my Tradition I started last year, If you don’t remember, MAKE SURE YOU WIPE YOUR FEET WHEN YOU COME IN


‘So with that said WHERE WILL YOU BE AT


Ok everyone. Here is my last Post for this weeks games. With the game officially on in the Cincinnati market Slatts can show the game. So here is the where we are showing the games and what offers we are getting.

Slatts- Slatts will be open for us at 3 PM for Drinks the kitchen will open at 4. Clint Wooldridge is offering us $2 millers and $8 dollar 1/2 lb Cheeseburgers. I will be up there for the first half. Slatts is our HOME please come out and represent our home!!!!

Mio’s- Mio’s on Short Vine has an outdoor tent that Covid safe seats 50 people. They are opening the Tent for us who can not make it to an inside place. They also have a back porch that seats 20 outside. They are having $2 miller high lites in the bottle plus other specials.

Greenies- Jason Dunbar And his staff have been very gracious and will also be showing the game.. They have amazing wings.

I will be at Slatts for the first half and then head over to Mio’s for the second half. Please come out and support these establishments. Last thing I wanna do is have to find new spots next year. Its already challenging enough to find spots this year.


OOOOOOPPPPPSSSI thought I sent this out last night, apparently I did NOT..

So 2 days ago The Director of health decided to open Bars and restaurants back to full capacity, but still decided they still stop serving at 10 close at 11. This DID NOTHING for the bar and restaurant industry. All it did was probably threw a monkey wrench into the plans of Clint trying to LOWER the capacity and get Direct TV to discount out the price.

WITH THAT SAID. Unless Clint wants to open Sunday afternoon, Slatts is NOT an option. Also, the game is on national TV here in the CIncinnati and Dayton market.

GASP WITH THAT SAID, LOL, I will be out at Greenies in Milford this weekend. I went and talked to the owner, Jason, And he is happy to have us. THe sound will be on for the bungals, However, Im sure we all can think of something. Greenies is about a 12 minute drive from Slatts and not a bad looking place. Come out and Join us for a game there.

I am not sure about week 4 as of yet

I AM TRYING I SWEAR……. and NONE of these places on the west side want to entertain us….


Meeting this week

HEAR YE HEAR YE:!!!!!!OK so we have a few meeting spaces that have given us the green light… So join one of us at one of these places please.Brian will be at Holy Grail on the banks. Tony Difford says he will be there also and a slew of others Holy Grail is putting on the Browns on the main HUGE screen, behind the bars, on 67 Tvs and will have the sound. They are excited to see us and have us there.

Amanda and Matt will be at Greenie sports bar in MIlford. They said it is first come first serve so get there early.

The Oak will have people there and watching the Browns games. I think Roger Hamilton said he will be there.

And just today Greg Winans Just secured a spot for us: Buffalo wings and rings Oakley station. 4815 factory colony lane best way off 71 ridge rd south exit try to get there by 12 No seats are being reserved PLEASE, have people text me at 513-382-5490 so I have an idea how many people coming so I can give manager update and expectations.

Seth at Mios in Clifton is having people at Short vine but only 16 can go.

Lucky Dawgs in Mason is having theirs but only 60 can show.

Week 1 and 2 Meeting

Hello all,So after getting some confirmations from various Bars and some not calling back we have an Idea where we will be at For week 1 and week 2 which is in the same week of week 1 but its 2 games,… anyways I digress


Week 1: We will be in 2 places where Officers will be at and that is Greenies in Milford area and The Holy Grail down on the banks across from the Reds stadium. Amanda Craig Will be greeting everyone at Greenies. I will Be at the Holy Grail…… Only God knows where the twins will be… Adam Dedrick….Tom Dedrick.


Week 2: We will be at Slatts. I would LOVE a large turn out there as we are presenting our McGregor award out to our Backer of the year from Last year………. which I wanted to do at the draft party… that we didn’t get to have… because of this……. AGAIN I will Digress


I am asking all those that come out PLEASE be mindful and cognate of the fact these Places have been hurting and we should help support them. Also Please bring a mask if they ask you to and PLEASE let us NOT be the reason these places get flagged or reported because some whiny Bungals fan is sitting in there and they see a Browns fans walk in without a mask.. I will see you all then



To My Fellow GCBB Members:After meeting with the other club officers this past weekend, we have made the difficult decision to forgo meeting as a club this year at Slatt’s. This means we will not be asking for or collecting any membership fees this year. There were two primary reasons behind this. First, the everchanging COVID restrictions on capacity, and second, DIRECTV’s unwillingness to budge on the price of the NFL package.Unfortunately, this is an uncertain and difficult time for everyone. Neither Clint nor the club are able to afford our portions of the NFL package price of $7995. Clint did reach out to DIRECTV to try to see if they would be willing to decrease the price some considering the uncertainty of the NFL season and the fact that the bar is operating at a much lower capacity. They refused to do that.There are two primetime games on our schedule (weeks 2 and 14) during the week, as well as week 7 against the Bengals which (barring any further COVID restrictions) should be available for us to watch at Slatt’s. I would love to see all of us who are able to come out and show our support for Slatt’s. Aside from that, Slatt’s is currently closed on Sundays due to a lack of business during the pandemic. We cannot guarantee a large enough crowd that would allow Clint to open for other nationally televised games.The other officers and I have decided to branch out and seek other venues in the area where we would be able to meet up in smaller groups. We felt it would be a nice alternative, for those of us who would still like to get out and watch the Brown’s games. Again, there would be no dues or fees- therefore, there would be no check-in process and no food/drink specials. These are simply going to be “satellite” locations that will show the Browns.So far, we know that The Oak bar in Oakley does show the games. But, we are looking for other places in different parts of town that might be willing to host a small group of us and show the Cleveland Browns game on at least one or two TVs. We are welcoming any suggestions for locations. Please contact myself or an officer with your recommendations. These are the areas we will be canvassing:Matt Booher & Amanda Craig – East Side ( Clermont County area)Tony Difford – Northern KentuckyTom & Adam Dedrick – Eastern / CentralBrian Clifton – West SideIt has been a crazy first two years as president. Last year, the NFL and the Browns threw me some curveballs. This year, a pandemic is pitching and it has been a challenge. I can’t wait to see what next year has in store. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know. We are all in this together, WE BARK TOGETHER.In Browns We Trust,