Browns enter bye week at 3-3

Who would have thought that at this point in the season the Cleveland Browns would be 3-3 and 2-1 in the AFC North? How many would have made the argument that Derek Anderson should be given the opportunity to see out the season and keep Brady Quinn on the bench? Or that the Browns would have one of the AFC’s top offenses? I’m keeping my hand down.

But on the same note, who would have thought the Browns defense would be one of the worst in recent memory, on pace to  break the team record for most yards surrendered in a season? Again, not me.

Check out this story from Marla Ridenour outlining Romeo Crennel’s plans to address the defense.

Quotes from the Browns Locker Room

Head Coach Romeo Crennel

(On what it would mean for the development of the team to go into the bye week with a 3-3 overall record and 3-1 at home) – “We’ve emphasized trying to win at home and trying to win period.  If we can win this game, it will be a small step in the direction that we want to go.  We’ll be 3-3, we’ll be .500.  I think that would say that we’re making some progress.  If you look at the schedule when it first came out, a lot of people wouldn’t have thought we would even be close to that.  If we can win this game, we’ll look toward the next game and the rest of season to see what we can do from then on.”

(On what QB Derek Anderson has done differently from the beginning of the season to now) – “He’s made some tremendous plays.  There’s been one or two decisions that I think he would take back and would like to have again.  But overall, he’s played well enough for us to win those two division games, in particular.  He’s made some good throws and he’s led this team.  He’s made progress and he has room to improve.  We’ll continue to work with him to improve.”

QB Derek Anderson

(On whether they feel like they are starting to build a home field advantage)? “Our home crowd is good. We go in there and get a lot of energy. We’ve been playing pretty well at home and hopefully we can continue that.”

(On ‘whether beating teams they are supposed to beat’ would be a big step for them)- “I think just winning in general. Like I said, this is a big week. Going into our bye week we feel we can get back to 3-3. If we come out and have a good week of practice and execute on Sunday it could be huge for us.”

RB Jason Wright

(On whether he mentally approaches the week thinking that he is the starter)- “Yeah, but I do that every week because you never know. Last week is a case in point example of how you never know what can happen. One play and you’re in for every snap for the rest of the game. I prepare that way every week.”

(On whether facing a 0-5 team is worrisome because people will say it’s a game the Browns can win)- “Maybe you guys [the media] look at it like that, but we’re certainly not looking at it like that. I’m not just doing coach speak – if you take an honest look at their defense, they’ve been a top defense for many years. Zach Thomas has been an emotional leader of a top defense for many years. They’ve had a lot of injuries for the past few games. Really, what’s on film is not indicative of what they are. When you watch them – at their top, with their top players in there – they are a mean, nasty defense and that’s what we’re going to face. We don’t have that mentality at all.”

WR Braylon Edwards

(On whether they feel like they are starting to build a home field advantage)- “Definitely.  I believe we play a lot better at home, obviously because of the fans. We’re a lot more comfortable. We just need to come out and do things that we have previously done at home against Cincinnati and Baltimore. If we come out and do some of those things, then we’ll definitely have a chance.”

(On how they prevent against over-looking their opponent)- “We’re no 5-0 team. We’re not the Colts, or the Patriots in terms of record wise. We’re not 5-0, so who are we to say that we really don’t have to focus on this team. Our record is just the same as theirs. If anything, this is a good match-up in terms of the records. From our stand point, our mentality is we’re approaching this just like we did last week – obviously we’re trying to win this one, though. We’re going to come out, give them everything we have and try and go into the bye week at 3-3.”

– from Browns Backers ‘Brownie Bits’ Newsletter

Thanks for partying with us!

Thanks to all of the Cincinnati Browns Backers that made it out to Willie’s for the Browns-Patriots game on Sunday afternoon. We hope you enjoyed the free wings, beer, and other 1/2 price appetizers brought to you by the club. We’re still deciding on the next party date, but in the meantime, come on out and enjoy the specials and the Browns.

While we didn’t get to see a Browns upset, we did hear Dan Dierdorf belch into the mike early in the first quarter. Perhaps that was better sounding than listening to him heap praise all over Tom Brady and the Patriots as if they were the only team on the field. No wonder people stopped watching Monday Night Football when he was in the booth.

From the Sporting News: Dan Dierdorf pulls a Bryant Gumbel

From Awful Announcing: What’s With the Gumbels and Belching

Club Party: Browns at Patriots 1pm Sunday

Come join us at Willie’s in Hidden Valley for our first club party of the season!

Beer, pop, and snacks are on the club as we root for the Brownies to stun the Patriots and end the cheaters’ reign as NFL poster boys. We’ll also be raffling off Browns merchandise and selling club t-shirts.

Come on out to Willie’s on Sunday afternoon for food, fun, and a Browns upset victory. Or at least, a damn good time.

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