Travel Policy

Please respect and acknowledge the club policy for trips:

1. Deposit and payments for club trips are non-refundable. If you find you are unable to attend after you have paid your money, we can lend assistance in helping find someone to take your place. These trips are arranged so that we can provide you with the lowest possible price to go. As a result, all spots need to be filled or the club will lose money. We are a non-profit organization and cannot afford to eat costs.

2. A deadline is a deadline. If you do not pay the deposit or balance by the stated deadline, you forfeit the reservation. For refunds, refer to Guideline #1.

3. There are limits. We will set limits on on the number of trip packages available to a membership. We don’t mind members bringing friends along, but we don’t want to box out club members as a result of a large group of non-members going. Don’t expect a request for 20 spots to be granted.

4. This is a club, not a travel agency. We all come together because we love our Browns and are willing to travel to see them play. When you participate in a trip or party with the club, please offer a hand in loading/unloading the bus, setting up or whatever.

5. Packages will not be split up. See Guideline #4. We all work and have families, etc. We do GCCB stuff in our spare time. We don’t have the time to figure out numerous requests of lodging without ticket and transportation, or transportation and ticket without lodging, etc.

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