Time for another CLUB PARTY!!!

Even though the season has been disappointing, that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun.

When: Sunday, December 7th, 2008
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Where: Sully’s
Why: Watch the Browns play the Titans and hang out with fellow Browns fans!
Etc: Beer, pop and snacks for club members. Sign in to get your wristband. Raffle of Browns merchandise. Club T-shirts available for $10. Bracelet sale for Donate Life charity.

Go Browns!!!

Backers Party this Sunday vs. Bengals

The Greater Cincinnati Browns Backers announce a party this Sunday September 28 for the game against the Bengals downtown at Sully’s. Since the Bengals have decided to no longer offer us tickets (yes, Mike Brown, we were buying your garbage long before the johnny-come-lately Bengals fans took our seats) for the game here in Cincinnati.

No charge for members and visitors can join us for $10.

Beer, pop, and snacks at halftime are on the club. The rest is up to you. We’ll also hold a raffle for Browns merchandise and a special raffle for tickets to attend the Browns-Bengals game later this season in Cleveland. The proceeds from the tickets raffle will go to Donate Life. You’ll also be able to help out Donate Life by purchasing a bracelet. Club t-shirts will be available for $10.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Announcing 2008 specials at Sully’s

We will be able to broadcast this Monday’s (8/18) game and the following week’s game as well, Saturday, August 23rd. So far, I do not believe we can get the final preseason game on Thursday, August 28th.

This Monday night game, August 18th the special will be our regular Monday specials: $.25 wings, $1 sliders and $5 Miller Lite pitchers. Of course your $2 domestics and $4 premium drafts still apply.

Saturday, August 23rd the specials will be 1/2 price appetizers.

Regular Season Games:
Sunday 9/7- 1/2 price burgers
Sunday 9/14- buy 1 dinner entree, get one 1/2 off
Sunday 9/21- 1/2 price cheese steaks
Sunday 9/28- (free party, so I did not set up specials)
Monday 10/13- $.25 wings, $.50 boneless wings
Sunday 10/19- 1/2 price appetizers
Sunday 10/26- Pick 2 for $6: 1/2 sandwich, 1/2 salad or cup of soup
Sunday 11/2- 1/2 price burgers
Thursday 11/6- buy 1 entree, get one 1/2 off
Monday 11/17- $.25 wings, $.50 boneless wings
Sunday 11/23- 1/2 price cheese steaks
Sunday 11/30- Pick 2 for $6: 1/2 sandwich, 1/2 salad or cup of soup
Sunday 12/7- 1/2 price burgers
Monday 12/15- $.25 wings, $.50 boneless wings
Sunday 11/21- 1/2 price appetizers
Sunday 12/28- 1/2 price cheese steaks

I wanted to send this along so you know, in addition to the specials for your group receives each night everyone may also enjoy the drink/food specials that specific day as well. – Jessica Porta from Sully’s

Preseason Viewing Location Update

It appears Sully’s wont have the game tonight – so Ann has made arrangements with Willie’s in Covington. For those of you that don’t know, Willie’s used to be our home until we outgrew the space. However, they have always been great about using their old-school satellite to grab the preseason games out of the sky for us.

Please note, Sully’s will have all of the regular season games and the preseason Monday night game. The preseason games are regional telecasts and not always available via the NFL channels on DirecTV. See you tonight. – Matt Booher

Willie’s Sports Bar – COVINGTON
401 Crescent Ave
Covington, KY 41011
(859) 581-1500

And this year’s home of the GCBB is…

Ahhhhhh, the announcement that the GCBB members have been waiting for. I realize that last year’s selection of Willie’s in Indiana did not meet many members’ expectations. This year the Site Selection Committee has outdone themselves in making Sully’s Sports Bar and Grill (700 Race Street – www.sullyscincy.com) the GCBB home for the 2008-2009 Cleveland Browns season.

Our main contact is a great lady named Jessica Porta (Hi Jessica!) who will be providing us with a great place, great atmosphere, and some truly excellent drink and food specials.

Upon entering Sully’s, you will be greeted by a hostess and an Ohio State “O” shaped bar. It includes 7 big booths, 3 high tables, and 7 plasma TV’s. Although this would be a spectacular place to watch your favorite sports team, Jessica has given us a better  option. Follow me straight ahead and left turn just past the bar to….

You have now entered the smaller room and dining area. The smaller room comes complete with a bar (with our very own true Browns fan bartender), couch, comfy armchairs, outdoor viewing area(for those who like to smoke) and 2 plasma tv’s. The room holds 40 people comfortably, but is connected to the dining area. This will be considered our “overflow” area that comes complete with 6 big booths (which fit 5-6 people each), 6 tables for 4 people, 2 tables for 6 people, and 4 well positioned plasmas that can be seen from anywhere in either room. The smaller room will be ours free and clear. The dining area will be first come, first serve – thus I suggest you come early. Sully’s door and kitchen open at 11:00 AM.

As for the menu, the food specials will change weekly, but you can expect the same drink specials of 16 oz domestic draft for $2.00 and premium draft for $4.00 on a consistent basis. The food specials will include 1/2 price burgers and Philly cheese steaks (putting the cost at about $4.50-$5.00), 25-cent wings and 50-cent boneless wings, a pick 2 for $6.00 (1/2 soup and 1/2 sandwich) or even buy 1 entree, get the second 1/2 off. The latter may come in handy for the Monday and Thursday night games we Browns fans will finally be enjoying.

As for what I thought would be the biggest issue – parking – is no issue at all. Remember that on Sundays and evenings after 6:00 PM, you do not have to feed the meters, thus parking is free. If for some reason (like you are simply blind) you cannot find an empty meter, parking ranges from $1.00 (garage on 7th between Race  and Elm) to $3.00 (open lot behind Sully’s on Garfield and 7th OR garage on 7th between Race and Vine).

I am truly excited about this coming Browns season, and our new home Sully’s Sports Bar and Grill – not just for this year but hopefully many years to come. I hope everyone will take advantage and join us all in rooting our Browns to victory in one of the nicest and convenient places we have had for a long long time.

Here we go Brownies, Here we go!!!

– Pat Murphey

2008 Cleveland Browns schedule released

The NFL released schedules yesterday and the big talk around the league seems to be the five Cleveland Browns primetime games. We’ve known since last year that this team was ready for primetime, but wow, five games under the lights is pretty remarkable.

Planning the bus trip might be a little tricky this season, but we’ll figure something out.

Sep 07  DALLAS @  CLEVELAND      4:15 PM

Sep 14     PITTSBURGH @ CLEVELAND    8:15 PM

Sep 21     CLEVELAND @ BALTIMORE     4:15 PM

Sep 28     CLEVELAND @ CINCINNATI     1:00 PM

Oct 06     Bye

Oct 13     NY GIANTS @ CLEVELAND     8:30 PM

Oct 19     CLEVELAND @ WASHINGTON     4:15 PM


Nov 02     BALTIMORE @ CLEVELAND     1:00 PM

Nov 06     DENVER @ CLEVELAND    8:15 PM

Nov 17     CLEVELAND @ BUFFALO     8:30 PM

Nov 23     HOUSTON @ CLEVELAND     1:00 PM


Dec 07     CLEVELAND @ TENNESSEE     1:00 PM


Dec 21     CINCINNATI @ CLEVELAND     1:00 PM

Dec 28     CLEVELAND @ PITTSBURGH    1:00 PM

Free Agency 2008 Update

Provided by Paul Thiel (appeared in GCBB Newsletter)

Looking forward to free agency to begin on February 29, the Browns faced a lot of concerns for a 10-6 team. Their starting quarterback was about to become a free agent, even if a restricted one. Their only proven running back was about to become a true free agent. Unknown to us, their number two wide receiver had expressed that at age 33 he no longer considered himself up to the rigors of being a starting wide receiver. Their proven veteran depth on the offensive line in the form of Lennie Friedman and Seth McKinney was about to become free agents. Their defensive line boasted possibly two NFL quality starters when they need a rotation of at least four and preferably six. They lacked both run stopping ability inside and, aside from Kamerion Wimbley, pass rush ability outside at linebacker. Add to all this the lack of a first round draft choice to fall back on in areas where free agency failed, and Phil Savage clearly had his work cut out for him.

And so free agency began. After going back and forth on the years, the Browns finally relented and inked Jamal Lewis to a three year deal worth about $17 million with six to seven million of it guaranteed. This signing solidifies the Browns’ running back situation for 2008. The concern is that Lewis’ production will thereafter decline quickly because of his age – 29 in August – and his punishing running style. Very often runners decline in a hurry at age 30. (See Shaun Alexander.) Let us hope that the Browns do not end up paying Lewis millions after he is shot.

Having re-signed their own key free agents, the Browns next turned their attention to their beleaguered defensive line. After reviewing draftable players, the Browns decided that they were unlikely to get immediate defensive line help late in the second round and beyond. They also saw the top defensive line free agents either unsuited to a 3-4 or restricted. They therefore decided on trades. First the Browns sent their second round pick to Green Bay for franchised defensive tackle Corey Williams, 6-3½ 313 27 a 2004 sixth round draft choice out of Arkansas State. Williams is big and quick, and he will hustle and chase, but despite his size there are questions about his ability to hold his ground and his durability. The Browns turned around and signed Williams to a six year contract for $39 million.

The Browns next completed an off then on trade with Detroit for two time pro bowl defensive tackle Shaun Rogers, 6-4½ 340 29 on March 12 a 2001 second round draft choice out of Texas. Rogers is huge and powerful, a freakish athlete for his size, has explosive strength and quickness and will rush and chase. But Rogers has also always carried the fat and lazy tag. He has played at a Romeo-esque 370 pounds and at anywhere near that weight tires easily and is ineffective. How good Rogers will be is completely up to him and his weight. This trade was risky enough in that the Browns gave up both their third round draft pick and also starting cornerback Leigh Bodden. The Browns then redoubled their risk by signing Rogers to a six year contract for $42 million. It is only a slight exaggeration to say that this deal could make or break the Browns’ defense for years to come.

The Browns next turned their attention to real free agency signing ex-Patriot wide receiver Donté Stallworth to a seven year deal worth $35 million. Stallworth, 6-0 200 4.4 27, was a 2002 New Orleans first round draft choice out of Tennessee. He is a top athlete with tremendous balance and body control. He is very quick, fast and strong for his size, has great explosive speed and strength. He runs good routes, breaks tackles, can make the exceptional catch, is a dangerous runner after the catch and can be a game breaker. Despite all this, Stallworth has never been a top wide receiver possibly because of ball dropping, consistency and durability issues or possibly because of the quarterbacks and systems he played with/in. Stallworth is still young and talented enough that if the Browns’ offense is right for him, he could be a hall of famer. I was amazed that the Browns were able to sign him as their number three receiving option. This should complete the making of a top five offense.

On March 10 the Browns signed offensive guard/center Rex Hadnot, 6-2 325 26 a Dolphins 2004 sixth round draft choice out of Houston to a two year contract. Hadnot is a smart, tough, aggressive overachiever who lacks height and athletic ability. He was an ordinary starter for 55 games for the Dolphins and figures to be a backup replacing Seth McKinney for the Browns. On March 11 the Browns followed up by re-signing backup center Lennie Friedman thus solidifying the veteran backups on the offensive line.

Having lost linebacker Chaun Thompson to Texas in free agency, the Browns turned around on March 21 and signed linebacker Shantee Orr, 6-1 259 4.75, a five year veteran who went undrafted after coming out of Michigan early in 2003. Orr is quick and has a great motor and football intelligence, but he lacks the movement skills to excel as a traditional linebacker. Expect to see Orr on special teams and perhaps as a pass rusher in passing situations

Having missed out signing rush linebackers Travis LaBoy and Antwan Odom, the Browns still have work to do in free agency. They still need to beef up their defensive line rotation. No one should be reassured that the fifth and sixth defensive linemen will come from Rams reject Louis Leonard and 2007 Browns draft choices and practice squaders Melila Purcell and Chase Pittman. The Browns still need a big, run stopping inside linebacker and probably still a pass rushing outside linebacker. Plus they now have at least a question mark at cornerback without Bodden. There is still time in free agency, and I expect the Browns to sign more free agents. But with the draft rapidly approaching, don’t expect anything until after the June 1 cuts provide a new batch of free agents on the market.

Greater Cincinnati Browns Backer Party!

Sullys LogoWhere: Sully’s Sports Bar and Grill, Downtown Cincinnati (7th and Race)

When: April 26, 2008 at 2:00pm

Why: To watch the draft and hang out with fellow Browns fans

Other Info: Beer, pop, and snacks on the Club; raffle of Browns items; reduced membership dues; $1 parking at Gramercy parking garage, left side of 7th, before you get to Race

While the Browns have traded away their first-day draft picks, the NFL Draft promises to be exciting for all football fans. Plus, after last season, maybe Phil Savage has a trick or two up his sleeve.

Browns Pro Bowl total jumps to six

Derek AndersonDerek Anderson and Kellen Winslow were added to the AFC Pro Bowl squad on Monday bringing the total of Cleveland Browns invited to Hawaii for the NFL Pro Bowl to six. Anderson and Winslow join Braylon Edwards, Josh Cribbs, Joe Thomas, and long-snapper Ryan Pontbriand and represent the largest Browns contingent at the Pro Bowl since the Browns sent eight in 1988.

The Pro Bowl will be televised by FOX on Sunday, February 10 at 4:30pm. Tune in and check out the Browns in the Pro Bowl since Jamir Miller last appeared for Cleveland in 2001.

2008 membership application now available

2007 was a fantastic season and 2008 promises to be even better. Join up with other Browns Backers here in Cincinnati by completing the 2008 membership application. Some of great membership benefits include:

  • Drink and appetizer specials
  • Admission to all club parties (club supplied wings and beverages) and events, including the bus trip
  • Newsletters
  • Membership dawg tags (for new members)

Membership fees until the April draft are $20 for an individual and $30 for a family. Afterwards the prices go up to $30 for an individual and $40 for a family.