The key benefits of Online Dating Interactions or Hookup Women.

There are lots of benefits to online dating services connections, and those advantages over here could be both brief-word and long-term. While it’s possible to identify a life time partner on the web, you must make sure you are aware the way to manage your requirements. You can’t you should be your self – you should communicate your self! In addition to, you need to know what you’re trying to find in the partnership and become truthful about this. This way, you’ll stay away from any uncomfortable conditions.

An additional benefit of internet dating interactions is always that they supply you with the opportunity to communicate with thousands of prospective lifestyle companions. By putting together your own user profile, you can establish the attributes you’re searching for in a potential existence lover. Most of these profiles also enable you to seem for those who talk about very similar morals or ideals along with you. If you’re undecided about who in order to meet, you can also slim your search down by understanding what you’re searching for in the partner.

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There are a variety of advantages to internet dating professional services, but be careful not to get sucked in by the advertisements. Not just are these advertising frustrating, but they can also be dangerous. You must be careful not to click on any advertising that promises to match your preferences. You need to monitor the terms of assistance and insurance policies. The ideal websites are obvious about these terminology. When it comes to security, you can rest assured that there is no hazard of meeting a complete stranger online.

While women making use of dating online websites will be more outbound than regular girls, they still impact the tempo of online dating connections. For that reason, they may be in control and truly feel well informed. AARP’s research of over-50s in internet dating learned that the best cause to employ a site was that there was no tension about them. They sensed in control of their life as well as their courting activities. You’re not forced to visit a club or possibly a group, and then there are no requirements.

Regardless of the risks associated with dating online, it offers proved to be a priceless device for finding an eternity partner. About six percent of female customers record encountering undesirable sexual improvements or dangers of physical hurt by fellow members with their societal sectors. These stats highlight the advantages of internet dating for both men and women. Moreover, the ease of use ensures that you’ll have the capacity to meet up with folks from all of the avenues of life. If you’re single and wish to meet an individual unique, use a particular date you prefer plus your way of life.

The benefits of internet dating add a bigger range of potential lovers. Interracial courting is one of the most common, and it’s not unusual in order to meet someone who is far more works with you than your existing spouse. Nevertheless, you’ll need to find out what you’re trying to find, as internet dating programs may influence the future of your connection. You’ll must make a decision what works for you. A good thing to do is be genuine and invest some time.

While dating online is a wonderful way to make new friends and type an intimate connection, it’s another good place to maintain tabs on outdated relationships. Many individuals check up on older companions on the Internet and even check up on old fanatics. There are several hazards involved with online dating, but utilizing sound judgment can make certain that almost everything goes effortlessly. Although it’s not much of a foolproof system, most Americans know one or more pair which has met through an dating online internet site.

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For example, lots of women feel a lot more in charge of their internet dating connections than guys. Additionally, the reality that they could stipulate exactly what they really want in the spouse will make it more convenient to allow them to find the right lover. As an illustration, once they don’t sense they can have confidence in a person, they could specify their preferences by using an online dating services internet site. They may also fulfill somebody who reveals very similar beliefs and ideals as his or her very own. This may cause this process much simpler for these people.

Dating online providers vary with their account basic. Some are available to a variety of demographics, and some center on distinct demographics. The earnings causes of these web sites also vary. Some are totally free, although some depend on marketing income. Some supply free enrollment, but demand associates to spend a charge to gain access to premium characteristics. And, some are for people who don’t want to spend the time in search of adore. They might be interested in a casual sexual encounter, but that’s not the main aim of dating online.

While some online dating professional services do offer important safety information and facts, most will not. Moreover, some user profiles will not be actual individual. These fake user profiles are usually set there by internet site owners to draw in new spending people, or they can be put by marketers seeking to advertise their products and services. It’s important to check out the background of individuals before internet dating, but you can find positives that can be found as well. So, ensure that you choose the right spouse on your own before subscribing to any assistance.

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It’s crucial to understand that a guy who claims to be curious about a partnership isn’t necessarily searching for a long-term commitment. In fact, a guy who claims he’s seeking a long term connection isn’t enthusiastic about nearly anything besides sexual activity. This is simply not a good sign to get a relationship. When you aren’t ready to hang out with a male you don’t know, online dating will make you feel lonely.

In spite of the dangers, in addition there are benefits to internet dating. It’s difficult to fulfill somebody from an additional region, but it may help you establish a relationship. Aside from, you won’t need to handle prospective sex scams. It’s not necessary to meet somebody in person to start out a romantic relationship. It’s only a matter of understanding the right individuals and choosing the right partner for you personally.

Week 1 KC

To Our Beloved GCBB Members:

How we have missed you so!! It’s been too long since we’ve been able to bark together as the Greater Cincinnati Browns Backers! What an exciting year it’s going to be for us. With the season opener coming up, we have some VERY IMPORTANT details to share with you all before this Sunday’s game. Especially regarding our new, second location. PLEASE read below and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you might have. 

Season Opener: 9/12 @ 4:25pm!! 

Join us at Slatt’s Pub in Blue Ash or our NEW location at Copper & Flame on Vine Street in OTR. Week 1 always brings a large crowd so PLEASE plan accordingly. Make sure you arrive early to secure a seat and renew your membership (if you haven’t already). Brian & Amanda will be greeting everyone at Slatt’s sign in table to get you checked in. Tom, Adam, & Tony will be handling sign in at Copper & Flame. You MUST renew your membership or be an already paid member to get the discounts at both locations. Once you’re signed in, you will receive your wristbands which will give you your discounts. Membership dues can be paid using Zelle. The Zelle account is under , Brian Clifton. Please leave your name (s) in the message section.

Copper & Flame:

For anyone who has not heard, we’ve opened a second GCBB location at Copper & Flame! Copper & Flame is unique as it is a self-serve bar. Upon arrival, you will provide a credit/debit card (similar to opening a tab) and be given a “pour card” which you will use at the machines to dispense your own beer, wine , or cocktails. Tony & the Twins will go over more of the pour card details when you check in.

Copper & Flame Location/Parking:

Copper & Flame is located at 1115 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. The best place to park will be the Gateway Garage, located around the corner on East 12th Street. If you turn onto Vine from Central Parkway, Copper & Flame will be on your left. At the next light (12th street), you’ll turn right and Gateway Garage will be on the right. For those using GPS, the address for the Gateway Garage is 1071 Jackson Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. The fee for parking is an $8 flat rate. There are other parking lots in the area, but this is the most convenient and closest. Street spots are free until 2:00pm and you can use the Cincy EZ Park app to pay. 


BIG THINGS are happening with our Brownies AND GCBB this year! Opening a second location means twice the sign in tables, twice the split the pot, and twice the raffles. We could definitely use the help if any of you awesome Cincy Backers would be willing! Stop by and talk to Brian or Amanda- or shoot us an e-mail and/or Facebook message if you are interested.


We have ordered 100 of our 75th anniversary club shirts for this season. They are $20 each and once we are sold out, they are gone. So get them while they last!

PLEASE check your e-mail for an upcoming newsletter with updates regarding future events (Bengals-Browns tailgate, Backer Bash, more updates about our new location at Copper & Flame, etc) and updates from the Prez & VP. 

Preseason lineup

Ok Everyone. I know the game is on the NFL network. However,we all should come out and BARK TOGETHER:Here is the breakdown for the Preseason Weeks:

Week 1: Browns @ Jags

Slatts will be showing the game. It is a Saturday night game on a Preseason, So be respectful in knowing there will be a dinner crowd there also. Get there to get your seats. AS far as I know there will not be any specials till the season starts. I will be here for the first half.

Copper and Flame will also be showing the game at the second viewing location. They will also be experiencing their busy night so also be mindful of that. Great way to come and check it out. I will be there for the rest of the game.

Week 2: Browns VS. Giants

Slatts will be closed on Sunday mornings till the season starts. They will be up and ready for us to get crazy. So the second Game wont be there.

Copper and Flame WILL be open and would LOVE to have everyone. This is the BEST open House to check out the new second location, Meet the Owners and to see what the pour your own method is like. They will be working on getting things ready for us.I will be at the game in Cleveland, so I am hoping Amanda Craig, Tony Difford,Adam Dedrick or Tom Dedrick or Matt Melanie Rains Booher Will be there also.

Week 3: Browns @ Falcons

Slatts: I am unsure what time Slatts will close for US. They are scheduled to close at 9 PM. That is an hour into the game. He may stay open till halftime or he may close at 9. This is a chance game if you want to go there. I’m not going to ask him or his staff to stay late for us for a meaningless( as far as starters and etc. NOT because its the Browns ). So if you go its up to you.

Copper and Flame will also be open, They will stay open till the game is over, but the Kitchen will close on time, I will be there

Go Browns!!!!




The Greater Cincinnati Browns backers has a second home……We have ourselves a second home now and that place is called Copper and flame.

This was done with 2 reasons. First being that 2 years ago we came out and had 323 members after a 7-8-1 record and had hype The first 3 weeks we had Slatts packed and people couldn’t get in. This year coming off a 11-5 record I can not see why we cant have a membership of 400 or better. Slatts is our forever home and will continue to be unless otherwise. Clint and The staff have been amazing to us members. Slatts capacity it 231. With Copper and flames capacity at 186, that puts us at the 400 mark. Secondly, I have members who pay their dues every year who live in South Kentucky areas and only come to Slatts maybe once or twice a year. This now gives you an option into coming a little closer and cheering on our AFC champion Superbowl Cleveland Browns this year with our fellow Browns backers.

Copper and flame is a unique bar in that not only are the owners HUGE BROWNS FANS but it is a pour your own tap self serving concept. That is when you walk in you will put your payment on file and receive a key card that is being made up with our 75th anniversary logo on there. You can pour your own beer BY THE OUNCE. There will be a Keg of our own signatured LOGO beer every week that the owners are getting for us. There will be a Keg of the normal beer ( miller lite or bud light) and others.

This place has 2 floors and a kitchen. on the first floor is the Beer room and Kitchen. They have 52 beers and seltzers on taps always. The GREAT thing about POUR YOUR OWN is that you can SAMPLE different kinds of beers and see if you like something you never tried before ( they got a Pineapple upside down cake flavored beer OMG i been thinking about that beer all week). the 2nd floor has a wine room on one side that has pour your own wine. and on the back side is a cocktail bar with mixed drinks. The owners are working on a signature brown and orange drink just for us.Lets all come out on week one and PACK BOTH BARS and show these 2 places and the fans of the Queen city Kitties what real fans are

.Welcome aboard Brandon, Kathy and Copper and FlameI will be releasing more on the year coming up so please bear with me. I have a lot planned for this year.

Browns Bengals game

OK everyone, Wednesday at 2:30 PM I go meet Sean with the Bengals and Purchase the seats for the Browns Bengals game here With the Tailgate. As of tonight with the Check I just recieved ( thank you Roger N Hamilton Jr and Carl Brinker) There are exactly 12 seats left. If you are wanting to go I need that money in there so I can pay them off and be done with it.You can now Venmo me


Venmo: Gcbbprez

At this point a Check may be too late. Thank you to everyone who has purchased them so far.



OK my fellow Browns Backer, I have finalized and got everything set up so here is the plan of action..At 7 PM we are opening the Keg. It will be like the years past where the waitress will come around and get the drink for you. THis saves on Spillage and stand around time. All of which eliminatesd time and Cost. At 7:30 I will make our announcements. In these announcements I will give updates on the season, the plan of actions with COVID. I will also announce who our 2020 McGregor award winner is. There will also be a special thank you gift to Seth Oakley and the Short Vine Browns Backers for the generosity they showed us Last yearAfter that I will open the buffet for the food. YOU MUST WEAR A MASK WHEN GETTING FOOD. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION, I DON’T CARE WHAT BELIEFS WE HAVE. THIS IS TO PROTECT SLATTS, CLINT, AND THE BUSINESS. Slatts is our HOME and we need to keep them, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RESPECT the RULES and ABIDE BY THEm thank you all for that.The Menu will Consist of Chicken Tenders and Chicken Bites. Meatballs, Chips and dip and Pretzel Bites and Cheese. Anything else is available off the Menu at Slatts Prices. I wanted Wings but there is a MASS shortage on Wings, Crazy as that sounds. Suppliers con not get them out fast enough.After that starts the draft. we pick 26th… Cincinnati will mess theirs up at #5 We don’t care about Baltimore, And we look forward to RUINING whomever the PEE and rotten teeth colored team picks.


I am overly excited for this Draft Party I have missed you all terribly. Remember, you can sign up as a member early Come in or sign up on eventbrite, The event Brite GUARENTEES you a seat. as of tonight we have 41 signed up out of 90 ( with a 20 person buffer) so chances are EXCELLENT you will get in both ways Here is the sign up again…/gcbb-draft-day-viewing…

HOWEVER, and I WILL SAY HOWEVER, YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO GET THE FREE BEER AND THE FOOD. Signing up on event brite does not get you the perk. Again, this is because of COVID rules and NOTHING slatts and the club wants to do. I can NOT wait to see you all I love you all I miss you all and I can not wait to see you allGO BROWNS WE BARK TOGETHERBRIAN


Ok all. First and foremost I hope all my members and all our friends, families, and loved ones are safe, healthy and in good spirits. Looks like there is an end in sight. I am happy I get to represent you all. It is an honor and a blessing to have you all in my life and to call you all fellow Browns fans.
So with the Covid outbreak, last year was VERY challenging. We didn’t get to have a club and that hurt a lot. However, there was a few silver linings that came to be in all this.
I want to thank Jason Dunbar and his wife at Greenies for hosting and the hospitality the crew showed my members there. It will not be forgotten.I also want to thank Seth Oakley and his crew at Short Vine Browns Backers. They opened their doors along with Kelly the owner of Mios on short vine and went above and beyond. Seth and a few of his crew even came to Slatts. Your graciousness to us can not be thanked enough.
Now on to GCBB news. 😀

I apologize for the lateness in this as I had a LOT to do and not knowing until like the last month how things were going to be, Even the NFL didn’t finalize Draft plans till this past week. so I am NOT that far behind. :DI closed out our past bank account and established a new account. Everything else is the same, it just allows Melissa Clifton and Amanda Craigto have access. It also allows more transparency. and accountablilty, plus if something was to happen to me, the club and all assets move on in the future 😀

Also, the new account allows for the members to ZELLE over the dues instead of mailing in a check or waiting till the draft/ first game to get their forms and the money in. Now all you have to do is print the form, fill it out and scan it and email it to me. INSTANT SIGN UPS. Technology, man I tell you what LOL. I also will have the credit card reader on my phone to sign you up or checks still.With that said, This year because of COVID and restrictions that I hope are lifted by September, We are are only going to charge pre draft prices for the year this year. So the dues will also NOT go up at all. Also, for our senior citizens who are on a fixed income we have established the longevity price. for $15 dollars a person not your family. YOU and only YOU, you can have the longevity price. This is not to be added unto a family price either. You will have to fill out your own form. Glitter Bob Craig of course gets free because he is over 100 years old. 😀

So in order to Zelle it into the account you will need your bank app on your phone or computer. then you add the recipient:GCBBPREZ@HOTMAIL.COM what this will do is send me an email, and a text alert that you sent the dues to pay your fees. Then I will alert you are paid and good.Again, Technology.There will be a Draft party. let me say again THERE WILL BE A DRAFT PARTY.. YAY!!!!However, as of right now because of COVID, Clint Wooldridge has told me he can only get about 100-110 people into Slatts. I am hoping my Apr. 29th we can get a lot more into the bar. This will be a first come first serve basis, PAYING YOUR DUES DOES NOT GET YOU A SEAT. However, I will open an event Brite ticket registar where you can sign up to get into the bar. I will cancel the eventbrite if restrictions get lifted more.So here is this years membership form.


Sorry I am late getting this out there but here we areWE ARE IN ROUND 2 OF THE PLAYOFFS… Thats right after not being in the playoffs since 2002 and NOT having a playoff win since 1994 . We beat PUKESBURGH and JuJuj and his Corvette corvette. ( Bengals, that how you do it)This means we are on to KC and the reigning Superbowl Champs. With that saif, Clint Wooldridge will be opening Slatts to us at 2PM and opening the kitchen at 3 pm ( he is doing it early for us Browns backers so thank you for that.)We will be at slatts. We will be playing for the chance to play in the AFC championship game ( and it won’t include Denver) In honor fo the game Clint has also made a special menu for us to have for the game also. It is KC BBQ themed and drink specials. below is the image:Will we be there LETS TURN UP AND LETS ROCK THIS GAMELET ME KNOW IF YOU WILL BE Theresa PlummerGO BROWNS



  · What a great time to be alive during this run…. and a crazy time also. I am beyond happy with the direction of this team and where our future looks like. WE ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS to put into perspective how long ago that was, my daughter is 19. she was 1 when we went last. she now has a 4 month old child. Some one wrote on one group they are 65 they were 47 last time they went.. I am 47 now. this is a LONNNNNGGGGG time coming.

WIth the outbreak and the Coach and Bitonio out, i still hold drive and hope that we will win Sunday.. I firmly believe it, but if we do not this season is NOT a loss. We have a 1st year coach that got 0 OTA, 0 MINIcamps, barley any training camp, 0 preseason games, and closed facilities to take this team to 11-5 and to the playoffs. IF he does not win Coach of the year the system is flawed more that it already is. We can still WIN. the system is there. run another MAZARATI play and end the sqeelers again


GO BROWNS so, we WILL be at SLATTS this sunday night. yes we are still under curfew but still. COME OUT. when was the last time we were in the playoffs…we met at WIllies in Covington. That’s a long time away.

$10 double cheeseburgers with fries, $7 buffalo nachos, $7 wings (6), $7 chicken tenders $2 Miller Lites with the cupsAlso,

Seth Oakley and the group from the Short Vine Browns Backers will be there so lets welcome the groups.